Thursday, 20 February 2014

The store at El Con Mall changed names several times

The store at El Con Mall changed names several times. The store was owned by Federated Department Stores, which absorbed it into its other subsidiary (Sanger-Harris) in 1985; Sanger-Harris became Foley's in 1987 and was sold to May Company in 1988. In 1993 May Department Stores absorbed Foley's into its other subsidiary (Robinsons-May), a name which it held until a 2005 conversion to Macy's. This location closed in 2008, and is currently being demolished. Levy provided for long-term development in the state by constructing the first railroad across Florida, the Florida Railroad, linking the deep-water ports of Fernandina (Port of Fernandina) on the Atlantic Ocean and Cedar Key on the Gulf of Mexico. He developed a network of feeder railroads through central Florida as well. For his efforts, he was called "the father of Florida railroads."

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